Box Office Open | Tickets Available Now!

Standby? Yes!
Can I get on the list?
Uhh, no, there is no list.

Walk-ins welcome.
Come take your chance on the standby line.

There is no Advance Standby List: Reservations NOT accepted - You must check in at our box office to get on standby.

Many patrons have successfully taken advantage of our standby policy:
Reservations are accepted based on the honour system, and held until 15 minutes before curtain*. At 15 minutes before show time, any unpaid reservations may be released to any people waiting on standby**.

The Langley Playhouse seats 79, and we compile a guest list of around 83 total reservations per show. Cancellations and no-show reservations inevitably happen, sometimes resulting in only 75 people (or fewer!) committing to their reservations. Even elementary math skills will conclude there might be four seats available that night. It is rare that people waiting on standby do not get in. So if you're up for the gamble, a trip to the Playhouse standby line may be in order!

Chances are pretty good: Almost every performance can fit a couple more in!

*Prepaid and Brown Paper Tickets admissions are held until curtain time. Seating is at discretion of Front of House.
**Actual release time is at discretion of Front of House. Localized environmental conditions may need to be considered.