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Parents Night / The Bigger Issue

Parents Night / The Bigger Issue
George F. Walker

Producer - Mary Renvall
Director - Dave Williams
Co-Director - Raymond Hatton
Stage Manager - Helen Embury

Run Dates: October 20 - November 19, 2016

Our fall show will be a double bill consisting of two one act plays by George F. Walker, Parents Night and The Bigger Issue.
In Parents Night, grade three teacher Nicole confronts two quite different parents. John is a neurotic Type-A businessman, insistent that his son be taught to be competitive, a lesson he’ll need in life. Rosie, a confrontational mother who doesn’t understand why her daughter’s ostracized in class, is good at getting in people’s faces.
As we learn this trio’s secrets, the parents become more and more like children, to the point where Nicole has to treat them as unruly students.

The Bigger Issue is, well, a bigger play in terms of what it tackles. We’re still in school, this time a grade seven class, where teacher Suzy has pushed a large student who was threatening a classmate. Her principal, Irene is worried about repercussions, especially with the appearance of the boy’s parents, Maggie and Jack the former a daunting legal type.

But the confrontations here are economic as well as educational; the difference between haves and have-nots drive the action, and not just in the classroom. The defiant way characters oppose each other has the feel of some of Walker’s earlier works, especially the Suburban Motel cycle.
Given the stress each character faces, the play ends on an unexpectedly optimistic note, revolving around a redefined sense of family, or, as Maggie phrases it, valuing a human rather than a convenient truth.
Things could get better for these people, all around.

Contains some coarse language.

Shows start at 8:00pm Thursday through Saturday. Sunday matinees start at 2:00pm.
We suggest you arrive 1/2 hour before show time.
Admission is $15.00 – PAYMENT BY CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY
Tickets Available at the Door. (Unless noted as Sold Out)


Parents Night
Nicole: Karin Fitzgerald | John: Brian Johnston | Rosie: Breann Grainger

The Bigger Issue
Irene: Judith Betzler | Suzy: Alyssah Carter | Maggie: Sheila Greentree | Jack: Andrew Wood

Production Crew

Stage Manager: Helen Embury | Casting Committee: Helen Embury, Mary Renvall, Raymond Hatton, Arleen Williams, Dave Williams | Set Design: Dave Williams, Raymond Hatton | Set Construction: Al Baratelli, Dave Williams, Peter Walton | Set Decorator: Dave Williams | Set Decoration Team: Carol Baratelli, Gina Challenger, Helen Embury, Peter Godard, Raymond Hatton, Ida Meshen, Mary Renvall, Peter Walton, Arleen Williams, Dave Williams | Props: Gordon Mantle, Helen Embury | Costume Design: Ida Meshen | Lighting Design: Jim Garnett | Sound Design: Lori Smith | Technical Booth Operators: Jim Garnett, Lori SmithBev Pride, Will Fitzgerald | Graphic Design: Dave Williams | Program Design: Leslie Gaudette | Photography Head Shots: Michael Cowhig | Photography Action/Lobby: Janet Ingram-Johnson | Members' Night Gala: Ida Meshen, Jennifer Meloche
Reservations: Jim Garnett | Website: Jim Garnett | Media Relations: Janet Ingram-Johnson | Program Advertising: Leslie Gaudette, Vicki Nelson, Karen McTavish | Front of House Volunteer Coordination: Raymond Hatton

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