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Cocktails at Pam's
by Stewart Lemoine

Director - Dave Williams
ProducerMary Renvall
Stage ManagerBev Pride
Assistant Stage ManagerKarin Fitzgerald

Run Dates: October 16 – November 15, 2014

In 1965 being the perfect hostess is not easy. Just ask Pam. It's a fine art of pearls and gowns, repartee and knowing the difference between the maid and the cook. Pam believes she has everything under control, until the unthinkable happens. The cocktail party she is hosting descends into an evening of too many floral arrangements than suitable vases, a divorcee who doesn't want her canapé and guests who form charade teams and begin to have cheap, competitive fun -- well it's not really going as smoothly as Pam might wish.

Shows start at 8:00pm Thursday through Saturday. Sunday matinees start at 2:00pm. We suggest you arrive 1/2 hour before show time.
Admission is $15.00 – PAYMENT BY CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY


Pam Cochrane Joy Cinnamon | Julius Cochrane Pat McDermott | Rita Liz Lower | Cynthia Dallas Emily Gingera | Leon Bandelier Philip Hale | Sara Black Halia Hirniak | Virgil Black Grant Vlahovic | Dr. Max Powell Andrew Wood | Denise Powell Elyse Raible | Lily Johnson TJ MacPherson | Estelle Washington Diane Gendron

Production Crew

Production Assistant: Helen Embury | Assitant Stage Manager: Karin Fitzgerald | Casting Committee: Bev Pride, Helen Embury, Mary Renvall, Raymond Hatton, Arleen Williams, Janet Fleming | Set Design: Dave Williams | Set Construction: Bob Purcell, Al Baratelli, Dan Tribe | Set Decorators: Karen McTavish and Vicki Nelson | Set Decoration Team: Shelly LewisPeter Godard | Props: Dan Tribe | Costume Design: Bunny Patterson | Lighting Design: Jim Garnett | Sound Design: Jim Garnett | Technical Booth Operators: Jim Garnett, Lori SmithHelen Embury | Program Design: Ron Savoy | FOH for Auditions: Arleen Williams, Janet Fleming | Photography: Graham Hollins | Members' Night Gala: Barb Coulter, Peter Godard | Closing Night Gala: Janet Fleming

Reservations: Janet Fleming | Website: Jim Garnett | Media Relations: Diane Gendron | Program Advertising: Leslie Gaudette | Front of Volunteer Coordination: Dave Williams

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